Ending Rubba Teets

Well sort of

I have come to a more definitive and difficult decision to put a hold (end?) on Rubba Teets and work on some new projects. It is very difficult for me to move on. Scary and it makes the hairs on my neck rise and I hope this is not the cells in my brain getting old and melting as I turn 40. The website will be active to some degree but I don’t know how much. I am not sure of the level of fan base I have created during this as I have never really found a great way to measure it outside of hits to the website and what few conventions I actually am able to attend. People at conventions seem to enjoy what I have and I know I love these characters I created, but I have always been experimenting with it and maybe I’ll keep experimenting it or put the characters into a new aspect. Very few of these experiments do I feel really hit homeruns. The archives will be active and I’ll be altering the look and if the spirit comes back for it, maybe the future will be brighter for Rubba Teets. But for now, let’s do something else.
     I want to be excited and then through that generate something that generates more excitement which in turn creates more. That is the dream. Lamprey Boy (and friends?) will stay very much active. But I am not sure when or where the little scamp will show up. I think I will pursue more conventions and forums, etc and get ME out there more and then, maybe by proxy, there will be more interest in what I do (that is the idea, but I have not been lucky on getting into the conventions lately). Marketing, exposure and business are all aspects I will need to freshen up. Maybe there will be a new comic with the same characters, I am not sure yet.
     I know for a fact I have other ideas I want to try out and I will love to share those as they come along. And I have no guarantees that I will update this comic as much as I did in the past, which as of lately, and I am sorry if you are a fan, has been almost non-existent. I wanted to share something that I hoped people liked and I am not sure if it was going down the right path and maybe that doesn’t matter, but it matters to me. I want to have fun doing what I do and that it is entertaining. Because to make this a career it needs to be entertaining to BOTH me and an audience. So let’s see how it goes. Please, send me your love, ideas, feedback, etc. I’ll look at all of it.