With love! I know this may have been done already, but you remember when EVERYONE did that April Fool’s Meme? Well how about we keep this one alive and alive and ALIVE! Hashtag it #Istolethisfromkcgreen

Add your character(s) add that hashtag and insta/face/tweeter it! Maybe we can start a viral madness and give even more light to this brilliant comic by KC GREEN.

I chose this 2 panel version as that seems to be the most altered/stolen/duplicated version. Except I am actually going to put his name on mine, and that sure would be nice if you did too!

Here is the original six panel that aired so awesomely on the GUNSHOW website:


and the two panel most are twisted into:


He also embraced the meme and even started a kickstarter which has exceeded WAY beyond its goal! And of course you can check out his website too!