Yayyyy! A day late. Well I was busy killing Levi Krause apparently, wink wink. Anytime you want to abuse me, HURT ME!!! Do it! Draw me with the snakes attacking me, the giant spiders eating me, the toilets tearing out my intestines. To me it’s all comic book style roasting. Anyways…I am eluding to the latest SHALK. Which made me laugh several times over and that always is a win in my book. Less than a week to Cherry Capital Con, hope to see you all there. I may have screwed up big time on my timing, but that has been the way the month has been going. I planned this 5 months ago, yet I have the weight of the world crushing my frail little mind. I digress, I always do my best under pressure though, so we will see what the juice is cooking. SHALK below.

Shalk 12 300