The end of last week we were bombarded by enough internet memes to choke a horse or a lama. Black and white lama blew apart the internet while a deceptive devil dress seemed to completely dominate the web. That was until one of the greatest SCI-FI legends passed from this mortal coil, Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock. Maybe in a last moment of heroism he took away the devil dress and lamas from the headlines. He was and always will be the to scifi what Elvis was to music. The one that no one will ever forget. He was the go to old school trekker that everyone went to. He was not just appreciated as Spock, but also as Leonard Nimoy. Few of the original cast can say that (Shatner in Priceline commercials?) Nimoy is the first Star Trek hero to pass too. He was 83 years old, but I guess we all thought a Vulcan would live a bit longer than us. Live long and prosper!