This comes to the conclusion of the Levi guest sketch, and tears flow….but it sure inspires the soul to do more work. SNL! Watched the 40 year anniversary this weekend. It was nearly perfect. Waynes World, Adam Sandler, classic music numbers and Eddie Murphy. Really, the only stain on the whole thing was in fact Eddie Murphy. I heard Chevy Chase was the most arrogant cast member, but I am sure it’s Eddie Murphy. Was his agreement to come back only possible if everyone worshipped him as if he was the main reason the show was a success. Everyone that was on the show, from old to new; did something in this 40 year special, except for Eddie. And I love Eddie Murphy of old. His movies, his time on SNL and his stand up. But, alas, it was not to be on this special. In contrast though, Steve Martin, Wayne’s World, and Jeopardy made it an amazing nigh. 3 and a half hours of great skits and music.
I have also noticed a growing trend from 2014 to 2015 of a crazy amount of cross-platforming with NBC. There is rarely a show that doesn’t also connect to ten other shows or concerts. There advertising management are very persistent hitting us with The Voice, Taylor Swift and Seacrest and Carson Daily as much as any human can stand. And this show was no exception.