AH! Levi Krause, the ever elusive artist! Long time friend and creative muse, Levi provided me with a glorious 3 page Rubba Teets comic. Like the A-team, Levi is hard to find and always on the move like the herds of buffalo. Roaming the valleys like a wandering minstrel. Planting rare artistic gems like Johnny Apple-Seed. When not¬†smelling xerox machines and flinging rapidographs at hobos, you can find him working on such websites like BAUJAHR, the fantasy adventure. Not since Howard and Pyle has pulp sci-fi blessed us with so much energy. With fellow creator Christian Scott, they take you through high seas of death defying action. We travel uncharted realms only the most stead fest minds could handle. Fear, intrigue and cute little robots abound! Cute bunnies? He’s got those too at STROBE! Those little scamps frolic and cavort themselves into wild escapades! And let’s not forget SHALK, the surrealist exquisite corpse comic madness created by both Levi and I. ¬†Who’s turn is next? Who will Scott kill next? Who will Levi be sad about Scott killing?