Lamprey Lit2

The Iconoclast II by Nadia Ann Abou-Karr

This really is my second adventure into zines, unless you count ash can comics. I have been bothering Nadia to send me some of her work for over 15 years now and for some secret reason she avoided my temptations to send me these. But I broke her will down and she finally hooked me up with two copies of Iconoclast (actually I won the chance the first timeJ). The first Iconoclast I read was filled both with words and Xeroxed images that delighted me. I was a bit surprised in the second issue by the lack of images, but than pleasantly adjusted. I actually think the space works itself as art as Nadia plays games with the words, bouncing them around and giving me plenty of breathing room. I take in the writing as I rest in the spaces. It’s what us comic book people called gutters, a way of controlling time. If the words were only gibberish, I would still be attracted to the balance. But, Nadia hits me with powerful words that only her warrior soul can do. Yet you fight for these words to fall in the margins, to do what they were born to do. They disobey, standoffish, little miscreants that defy authority. And We love them for it. The words want to play, don’t try and cage them, you might get hurt.

“Like damn baby you sure could always brag!

But I would’ve given you everything I had!”


See for yourself the power of these artist’s words here: