Star Trek Sex

You know I was getting nostalgic for Star Trek NG a few days ago, after watching the Picard/Borg 2-parter; and I was thinking about alien sex. Even though Star Trek is supposed to be human society coming to the ultimate solution that we must explore the universe and uphold some moral standards. You would think that means, no more war, money, poverty, jealousy, and we dedicate ourselves to science and good causes. But, in the end, many of these Star Trek shows break down to the basic human standards and falls back into type. I was thinking about how, in this reality of utopia that we can have sex with all alien species. That is the Federation’s actual code. To find alien life and fuck it (to quote Jay of Jay and Silent Bob). This thought continued with how crazy our human fetishes are and I wondered could that be included in the future? What do aliens bring to the table? Or even crazier? Then I thought about Deep Space Nine. It’s a floating Vegas. Holo-brothels, gambling, and a port for the most nefarious of aliens. So imagine that plus this idea of fetishes continuing on into the 24th century? Ferengi that like their ears licked? Psychic alien sex? Crazy holo-orgies? Klingons shitting on your chest? What happens in DS9, stays in DS9!

pissy worf