Jared you dirty little bastard. So many have fallen in the past few months. Jared doesn’t really concern me, but the HULKSTER, seriously bums me out. Maybe I have red, white and blue colored goggles on, but I still love the Hulkster. Maybe it’s just the character I have a hard time getting past. I really lost something of my childhood, maybe lots of us did, when the internet let us, so openly, into all our favorite wrestler’s lives. Now they weren’t these mythical beings, they were some guy doped out on coke that you can read about on Wiki or on Yahoo news. Maybe Hulk will never be back. Maybe people will forgive him. Till then I’ll still be holding my stuffed Big Boss Man Doll, eating my expired George the Animal Steel ice cream bar, and singing “I’m a real American“….sigh…anyone up for some N64 WCW vs NWO???