Had a lot if fun at the MSU show! Thanks to papoose wearing Jay Jacot for the invite. Thanks to Emily Zelasko and Andrew Zelasko for listening to my mad man rants. I could be so lucky to have that much entertainment at my next show. Thanks to everyone that picked up my books, hope they were enjoyed.

Lamprey Lit2

I traded some of my comics for some really great comics. One of which was Emily Zelasko’s book, Old Man, Dog, and the Ocean. This is no amateur hour book. It has a air to it that reminded me of great books like Scary Grandmother, Akiko and Cursed Pirate Girl. A book that doesn’t attack a need for action or extreme vulgar humor, but the desire to have a pure, imaginary tale of wonder. I am not just giving it lip service because, Emily and her husband, Andy; put up with me for five hours, no, I actually really like the book. She even did a little ash can (more like a zippo can) that had the same sense of childlike wonder. So if you like fantasy and adventure and an occasional anamorphic friend, then I’d suggest picking this up and anything else she does.